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Mathematical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Earth Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Social Sciences
Specialized and Supporting Units

Mathematical Sciences
  Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Institute of Mechanics
Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing
National Laboratory of Computer Virology
Physical Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energetics
Institute of Solid State Physics
Institute of Electronics
Institute of Astronomy
National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen
Astronomical Observatory Belogradchik
Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources
Central Laboratory for Applied Physics - Plovdiv
Central Laboratory of Optical Storage and Processing of Information
Chemical Sciences
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry
Institute of Organic Chemistry with a Center of Phyto-Chemistry
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Institute for Catalyses
Central Laboratory for Electrochemical Power Sources
Institute of Chemical Engineering
Central Laboratory for Photoprocesses
Institute for Polymers
Biological Sciences
Institute of Molecule Biology
Institute of Genetics
Institute of Physiology
Institute of Plant Physiology
Institute of Experimental Morphology and Anthropology
Institute of Microbiology
Institute of Botany
Institute of Zoology
Forest Research Institute
Institute of Experimental Pathology and Parasitology
Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction
Institute of Biophysics
National Museum of Natural History
Central Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering
Central Laboratory of General Ecology
Earth Sciences
Geological Institute
Geophysical Institute
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Central Laboratory for Geodesy
Central Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography
Institute of Oceanology
Geographical Institute
Space Research Institute
Central Laboratory of Solar - Terrestrial Influences
Central Laboratory for Seismic Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering
Institute of Water Problems
Engineering Sciences
Institute of Metal Science
Central Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Mechanics
Institute of Computer and Communication Systems
Institute of Information Technologies
Institute of Control and System Research
Institute of Mechatronics and Instrumentation
Institute of Bulgarian Language
Institute of Literature
Institute of History
Institute of Thracology
Institute of Museum of Archeology
Institute of Balkan Studies
Ethnographic Institute Museum
Institute of Art Studies
Institute of Folklore Studies
Cyrillo Methodian Research Center
Center for Architectural Studies
Social Sciences
Institute of Sociology
Institute of Legal Studies
Institute of Economics
Center for Science Studies and History of Science
Institute of Psychology
Institute of Demography
Institute of Philosophical Studies
Specialized and Supporting Units
Central Library of BAS
Computer Center - Physics
Academic Publishing House "Prof. Marin Drinov"
Botanical Garden
National Centre on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology