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Reasearch Groups and People

1000 Most Cited Chemists 1981-1997
1120 Most Cited Physicists 1981-1997
Ames Laboratory Condensed Matter Theory Group
C4 Welcome
Cal State Fullerton Physics Department
Cambridge Theoretical Chemistry
CCP1 The Electronic Structure of Molecules
Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry
Center for Materials Simulation
Center for Molecular Modeling
Christopher J. Cramer
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry at Manchester University
Computational Electronics Group
Computational Materials Research Group
CSE - Coordination
CSE - Datasets
CSE - People - m.f.guest
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College.
Department of Chemistry
Department of Crystal and Structural Chemistry
DePhiLambda home page
Dept of Chemical Engineering and Dept of Chemistry
Dr. Grace Ann Neff's Home Page
Electronic Theory
ELTE Chemistry Home Page
EMSL William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Framed homepage of Michael Odelius
Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG
Furio's home page
Gabor I. Csonka
Gabriel Balint-Kurti's Research and Teaching Page
Gordon Group Home Page
Hiroshi Ogawa
Home page Jonathan McNamara (Manchester University)
Home Page
Home-Page for John R. Sabin
ICM - Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modeling
Ilfir Ramazanov's Home Page
IT-API Group - Applications for Physics & Infrastructure
Marcio Cyrillo - personal info
Materials Science Resources
Max-Planck Institute Stuttgart
McCammon Group Home Page
MD Group at Theoretical Chemistry, Univ. of Vienna
Mike Towler
Mike Towler's CRYSTAL95 resources page
Molecular Dynamics group
Molecular Modeling Group at DISAABA
MPI Stuttgart - Maier
Niels E. Christensen
NREL Basic Sciences - Solid State Theory
Other Science-Related Institutions
Per Stoltze
Prof.Dr. Werner F. Kuhs - Kristallographie, Goettingen
Research Activities at Physical Chemistry Group in Torino
Research Groups in Chemistry
Ronald E. Cohen Selected Research since 1997
Sansom Group Home page
School of Computer Science
Science in Romania
Science Resources
Surface Water Models and Modeling-Modelling Links
Syncrotron Radiation Source Home Page
The Calzaferri Research Group
The Institute of Materials Science
The Parrinello Group
The van Gunsteren group's home page
Theoretical Biophysics Group Home Page
theoretical chemistry departments and groups
Theoretical Chemistry Group in Torino
Theoretical Chemistry Lab. I
Theoretical Chemistry
Theory Department
Tsukada Group
University of Liverpool, Department of Chemistry
Victor Luana HomePage
Werner W. Schulz
Yanhua Zhou's HomePage

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