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Operating Systems

Washington University, Saint Louis archive - multiple system ftp site


(La)TeX navigator
All About LaTeX2HTML
Beginning HTML at
CoffeeCup HTML Editor Image Downloads
CoffeeCup Software Site Map
Converters between LaTeX and PC Textprocessors
Converters from PC Textprocessors to LaTeX - Overview
Data Conversion Tools
Free Software TeX-LaTeX
General documentation about (La)TeX
'Latex For Linux' - book
Learn HTML
LyX - The Document Processor
MacKichan Software Home of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook.
MacKichan  Software Home Page
MHonArc Home Page - Perl mail-to-HTML converter
MiKTeX Project Page
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML
REVTeX 4 Beta Guide
SciWork - Free Trial Download Programs
Sources for TeX Freeware and Shareware
StarOffice Download and Order CDs
TeX Users Group Home Page
TeX-related documentation
The word2x for OS2 hompage - Microsoft Word converter for OS-2 -
Tools ( MATH, TEX, etc)
WWW Interface to the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
X Consortium welcome document
xdvik's homepage


FreeSoftware Club - Enter to Win a FREE Computer System Today!
Helper Programs
MacDirectory Software Downloads
Macintosh Software
MI-X home page


Kenton Lee Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites


``Handling Floating-Point Exceptions''
A Beginner's Guide to Using PGPLOT for Windows NT-2000 With Visual C++ and Visual Fortran
A gcc manaul
All Basic Code Archives
Alternatives to Numerical Recipes
Appendix F - PC compilers
BCX -- The Basic to C Translator by Kevin Diggins
benchmarks on distributed and parallel computing
Beowulf Tutorial Building a Beowulf System
BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)
Borland's Delphi WWW Page
Compaq Fortran Documentation
Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha
Compaq Fortran Language Reference Manual
Compaq Fortran Products - HPTC Infocenter - HPTC Software from Compaq
Computational Optimization and Applications Software Forum
Computational Science and Numerical Modeling Resources
Computer Tyme Software Lab
Contents - Programing
Course on Java programming.
Course on Tcl-Tk programming
CSAR Applying for Resources
CSAR Software Tools
Data Interoperability in Climate Research -
Debian GNU-Linux -- gawk
Debian GNU-Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Decision Tree for Optimization Software -- Problems
Directory of Computational Geometry Software
DMN Software
DMN (Division Modélisation Numérique) www Page d'accueil en test
Download from the MathWorks
Download Python Software
dwww - Documentation via the Web (Debian GNU-Linux )
dwww sisko ( Debian GNU-Linux )
Ernest Friedman-Hill's Java Course
Example Code - Adaptive Stepsize Control
Example Code - Diagonalization of Hermitian Matrices
Example Code - The 4th-Order Runge-Kutta Method
f2c (+gcc)
f77 to 90
Fastflo download - NAG
Floating Point Topics
Fortran - Books, Journal and Online Description
Fortran 77 Language Reference Contents
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 programmer
Fortran 90 Software Repository
Fortran Friends
Fortran Libraries
Fortran Library
Fortran Programmer's Guide 6 - Floating-Point Arithmetic
Fortran Programmer's Guide Contents
Fortran User's Guide Contents
Fortran90 - a conversion course for Fortran77 programmers
Free Softwares DOS - Unix text Converter - Version 1.0 Wheel of Contents
g77 on linux - comments
GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software
Gawk - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GCC Home Page
GlobalSCAPE, Inc., Developers of the Popular FTP Client, CuteFTP!
GNU Documentation
GNU Fortran Developer's Home Page
GrWin Graphics Library
HTML Author Manual
HTML Authoring Guide
HTML converters
Index of -doc-gawk-examples-prog-
Index of -pub-simtelnet-gnu-djgpp
Installing gawk
LAPACK -- Linear Algebra PACKage
Lapack Further Details Floating Point Arithmetic
LAPACK Manual directory
LAPACK Users' Guide -- Third Edition
Linear Algebra Package (LAPACK)
Links to algebraic programs
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.12-27)
Linux Threads Home Page
Linux-Mandrake Downloads
LinuxStart.Com - Start with us for all your Linux needs!
Miscellaneous programming material
NAG fl90 Manual, Release 3
NAG The Numerical Algorithms Group
NAGWare - Compilers and Development Tools
NAGWare f95 Compiler
NHSE National HPCC Software Exchange
NLREG -- Nonlinear Regression Program
Numerical Computation Guide Contents
Numerical methods - Physics
Numerical Methods -- TABLE OF CONTENTS
Numerical Methods Resource Page
Numerical methods
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line
Numerical Recipes Home Page
Numerical Recipes in Fortran
Numerical Recipes
Optim. Optimizer for external scripts.
Optimization Algorithms, Software, and Environments
Overview of M&S Libraries
Page Linux sur le site de la DMN
Parallab Home Page
Pentium Compiler Group
PGAPack Parallel Genetic Algorithm Library
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
PGPLOT Installation Instructions
Polaris Project Home Page (Automatic Parallization of Conventional Fortran)
PPL Web Page - Parallel Programing Laboratory
Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
Programming - ICTP Trieste, Italy
programming language - Webopedia Definition and Links
Programming Languages mini-HOWTO
Programming Tools Links
QB2C - A BASIC compiler for Linux and UNIX application marketplace download
REDHAT.COM -- Serving the Linux and Open Source Communities store
RPM resource lapack-man
Sandia National Laboratories - HTML Reference Manual (removed)
Selecting a programming language
SEP Electronic Documents
Software and Computers
Source Code Collection, GA Archive
Starship Python
Statistical Software Libraries
StatLib Index
Summary for search result 6 Clustor - software solution cluster management, scheduling, batch job queuing, load balancing an
Sun WorkShop Compiler Fortran Documentation
Sun WorkShop Documentation
Survey - math. appl. software available on supported platforms at Forschungszentrum Jülich
Taygeta Scientific's WWW Sites - Numerical Methods
The Beowulf Project
The CCP1 Newletter
The DMN Web Site
The f77 Problem Page
The GAWK Manual - Table of Contents
The GAWK Manual
The GNU Awk User's Guide - Table of Contents
The Java Language Specification
The Linux Fortran Information Page
The Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
The Portland Group - Compilers
The Programming Sharehouse - Main Page
Turbo Pascal Programmer's Page
U.York FORTRAN course
Unix operating system
Using Unix
Visual C++ Windows Shell Programming
Welcome to the OVPIT AFS Cell
Welcome to the RPM repository on
Where to get a Fortran compiler
Word Processor Filters - Ten Perl Myths
XFree86(TM) Home Page
ZAM User's Manuals (BHB)


Documentation SO
Fortran Links
Large Scale Computating
MRL Computing Facility How-to
New Mexico Tech Computer Center Help System
Notes on FORTRAN Programming

Unix Linux

A lot of Documentation (mostly) for GNU Software
ABC Workstations
ACE-gr Home
ACNS Online Documentation UNIX guide
An Emacs manual
An extensive GNU web page. Info on CopyLeft, Hurd, Guile, Emacs, you name it.
An introduction to Linux and KDE
Archive for Using csh & tcsh
ATM on Linux
awk - Webopedia Definition and Links
Bash Manual
Basic Scripting with the csh
Bookmarks for Margaret Wong
Center for Wave Phenomena CWP Linux Network
Compaq Fortran - User Manual for Open VMS Alpha Syastems
Debian GNU-Linux -- Developer Locations
Debian GNU-Linux -- gawk
Debian GNU-Linux -- Packages (Lb. Romana)
Debian GNU-Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Debian GNU-Linux -- User Documentation
Debian JP Project
Digital UNIX Documentation Library
Documentation - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Documentation Linux Files in -usr-doc
Download mtv for Linux & Unix
External Links Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Group
Extreme Linux
Freeware for Solaris
FSC - 100% FREE Software, chat, Internet, MP3 players, utilities, games, entertainment, action, children, education, edutainmen
Gaussian News@CRAY
GNU packages
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
gzip - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
How to write a shell script
ICEWALKERS - Linux Software
Introduction to Unix
KCGL1 Help Library HELP Contents
KDE Application Home Pages
KDE World Homepage
Kenton Lee Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites
LAMA's Beowulf
Learning the basic Unix tools
Linux (Abinitio, binaries, devel, docs, KURSE, LINUX-LAB, misc, NAG_F90, TeX)
Linux and Chemistry - Main
Linux and Chemistry
Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Linux Benchmark 2
Linux Bookmarks
Linux Center Scientific applications
Linux Directory at Sunsite
Linux Documentation Project - at Sunsite
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Info Page
Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site Software Programming Development Tools
Linux Links by go2net
Linux Online - Linux Software Applications, Utilities, and Tools
Linux Org. Lots of Linux info.
Linux OS
Linux Rules!
Linux Software Encyclopedia
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
LINUX Web Resources - A Means to World Liberation!
List of Linux software titles
LJ 25 Fortran Programming Tools under Linux
MetaLab Presents -- March Music Madness 2000
MW3 Non-Commercial Applications and Shareware
NCSA Telnet
official FVWM homepage
Official Red Hat Linux 6.1 Deluxe SPARC (RH-29000-S)
PC Webopaedia - UNIX category page
Primate Center Software Archives
Progress Computer Systems
REDHAT.COM -- Serving the Linux and Open Source Communities
Register yourself as Linux user
Romanian UNIX Users Group
S.u.S.E. Linux Online-Support
SAL- Computer Graphics, Images & Signals - Image Viewers, Conversions & Manipulations
Scientific Applications on Linux
Selecting a Unix shell
Silicon Graphics
Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Software Metasites
Solaris[tm] Product Line Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment
Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc (SSC)
StarOffice Download and Order CDs
StarOffice Welcome
Sun Microsystems
SuSE - The Linux Experts
Swiss SunSITE
The Awk programming language
The GAWK Manual - Glossary
The GAWK Manual
The GNU Awk User's Guide - Table of Contents - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
The gzip home page
The K Desktop Environment
The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
The Linux Fortran Information Page
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
The PC GAMESS Homepage
The Tcl-Tk archive.
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
UNIX & Linux
UXP-V User's Guide V10
Welcome to the Advanced Extranet Server
Welcome to The Open Group
Welcome to the RPM repository on
Wine Development HQ
Woven Goods for Linux - Software
XFree86(TM) Home Page
XFree86. Full X11R6 for your Linux box.
Xi Graphics Home Page -- LinuxGraphicsDrivers
Xmgr help
Xmgr Home


Aladdin Systems - Download Freeware, Demo Version and Demos
Aladdin Systems - StuffIt Expander file decompression freeware
Aladdin Systems StuffIt compression and other Internet tools & utilities
Anwendersoftware an den zentralen Systemen
Calculus Concepts Using Derive Course Use - Downloads - PC -
CoffeeCup Software- Home of the CoffeeCup HTML Editor - High Peformance Technical Computing - Home page
Compression with gzip-gunzip.
Computer Programs for Data Processing
Converters from PC Textprocessors to LaTeX - Overview
Create Adobe PDF Online - Log in to the Trial Service
Create Adobe PDF Online
Cygwin - GNU tools and utilities for 95, 98, NT
delorie software
DEVDEX1.COM - Developers Index 1 stop resource listing
Downloading WinSite Software...
eAcceleration Corp. Download Pages
eAcceleration Corp.
ePaper® Center
Free Downloads-File Library-MSN Computing Central's All-Forum Downloads page.
FreeSoftware Club - Enter to Win a FREE Computer System Today! Wheel of Contents
GAWKDLL - GNU AWK as a 16-bit DLL
GNU's GZIP compression program
Helper Programs (Chemistry)
ilesa - software
Installing gawk on MS-DOS.
INTERNET DESIGN TOOLS resources from Nerd World Media
Kenton Lee Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites Virus Center
MATHCAD - Mathematics Software
Mathematica The Complete Solution
MicroImages X server for Windows
MKS UNIX-Windows Co-Existence Products Home Page
NeoPlanet - Your Browser
PC-NET Download
PGPLOT Installation Windows 95-NT with Digital Visual Fortran
Programs - Lycos
SharePaper-Pragrams data base
Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware and Freeware Software Distribution Network - File Compression and ZIP and unZIPping Utilities, Tools and Software, Shareware and Freeware
Software Archives and Unzipping
Software Store
StarNet Communications - X-Win32 Demo Download
StarNet Communications - X-Win32 Product Information
Statistical Software Libraries
Summary for search result 96 This page offers links to more than 20 Web sites featuring downloadable shareware applications.
TUCOWS Preview Page for McAfee ViruScan
U.S. EPA's Benchmark Dose Software Home Page
Web Raper
Windows 95 - The Live Software Archive
Windows Device Drivers At WinDrivers.Com
WinZip® Home Page
X11R6.4 Libraries for CYGWIN
YESTERDAY´S OFFERS 1 D a y -1 O f f e r - Yesterday´s Offers - The Shareware Aspirator


A guide to writing in HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
A tutorial on creating WWW pages
About HTML
Academic Computing @ EMU
Archive Tools
Beseen Home Page Central
CNET How-Tos and Tips
Compression with gzip-gunzip.
Data Conversion Tools
Documentation for CERN Web users
Documentations for CERN Web Authors
E-Print Archive Help (faq-psfaq)
Free URL submit
GNU Wget Manual - The noninteractive downloading utility
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
gzip - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Help on installed software
Homestead - Free Web Sites
H-P Printer Software
Hypertext Guide to the Internet
Internet FAQ Archives
Making Your Site Searchable - CERN
Module 1 - Introduction to the Internet
Network Solutions - Domain Name Registration Services from the dot com people(TM)
NEW! - InternetBOOST '99
Other Internet tools
Resources for Creating Web Sites
Route 66.COM
Spidersoft - Downloads
StarNet Communications - X-Win32 Demo Download
Subjective Electronic Information Repository (Latex2Html)
Web Sites Registration at CERN
WebReaper - Free Web Offline Browsing software
Welcome To Your WebSTAR Home Page
WELCOME! log in to
WWW Virtual Library

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