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Numerical Methods

ACM Digital Library ALGORITHM 634 CONSTR and EVAL routines for fitting multinomials in a least-squares sense
ADIFOR Automatic Differentiation of Fortran Codes
Advanced Scientific Computing, B673
Algorithms and Applications
ASCL knox991001 - RADPACK A RADical compression analysis PACKage for fitting to the CMB
Atlantis Graphing-Math Software
Automated Identification of Southern Right Whales
Automatic Differentiation of Fortran programs
Compaq Math Library Home Page
Computation Physics - Carleton University - Minimization 1 of 29
Computational Methods - Generalized ALE Galerkin Finite Element Method
Computational Physics - Carleton University - Numerical Methods
Computational Science and Numerical Modeling Resources
Contents - Numerical Methods
CUED Matlab
Directory of Computational Geometry Software
Distribute executable Pixon method code
Doc for Murnaghan Fit Code
Douglas N. Arnold, Department of Mathematics, Penn State University
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Fast Parallel Iterative Matrix Diagonalization
Fitting Procedures -- TABLE OF CONTENTS
Fortran, C subroutines in An Introduction to Computational Physics
Fourier Transformations
GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software
Givens Rotations
global optimization and evolutionary computing
IFER - Internet Finite Element Resources
Institute of Geometry - Links Page
Introduction to Quantum Computing, B679
Introduction to Random Number Generators
Introduction to the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Links2Go Numerical Methods
LSTSQR-LSTSQR-8087 least squares fit for linear, polynomial, exponential
Mathematical Challenges from Theoretical-Computational Chemistry
Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 3rd ed.
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Mathematical Review for Physical Chemistry Students
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics
Mathematics Archives WWW Server - AZ-MATH Software
Mathematics Archives WWW Server
Matlab tutorial
Methods and Programs used by SWISS-MODEL
NEOS Guide - Optimization Software
NEOS Server for Optimization
Non-JPL Sources of Mathematical Software
Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting--from Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Numerical Analysis FAQ
numerical and applied mathematics
Numerical C programs on the net
Numerical methods -
Numerical methods -
Numerical Methods
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line - Harvard
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line -
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line -
Numerical Recipes Books On-Line
Numerical Recipes Home Page
Numerical Recipes
occqp.m - Optimization of site-occupancies in minerals using quadratic programming
Optim. Optimizer for external scripts.
Other Matrix Operations
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
RAL CCD - Numerical Analysis Group
random library
SAL- Numerical Analysis - Source Code Repositories
SAS Data-Fitting Programs
Scientific Computing, Automatic Differentiation, Subject
StatCodes - On-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields
StatLib - Statistical Software
Survey - math. appl. software available on supported platforms at Forschungszentrum Jülich
Syllabus - Level IV Fitting Models to Data
Texts by Alejandro Garcia
The Bulirsch-Stoer Method
The Householder-QR-QL Algorithm
The Math Forum Home Page
The QR and QL Algorithms
toms - ACM Collected Algorithms
Vector Field Theory (AMA102)
Visual Numerics - Analysis, Mathematics, Visualization
Why not use Numerical Recipes

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