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1. Name and surname: VIOREL CHIHAIA

2. Date of birth: November 23th 1964

3. Nationality: Romanian

4. Post Address: VIOREL CHIHAIA Romanian Academy,
                             Institute of Physical Chemistry "I.G.Murgulescu, Romanian Academy
                              " Surface Chemistry & Catalysis Laboratory
                             Spl. Independentei 202, Bucharest, 77208, Romania.

5. Educational Qualification
Class  Subject                                                                                 Institution                                              Year
B.S.        "Semiempirical Calculation                                            University of                                              1989
                Methods of MO. Applications for AB2                        Bucharest,
                AB3 and AB4 Molecules "
Ph.D.     "Simulation at Atomic Scale of Surface Processes.         Institute of Physiscal Chemistry                   1999
                Hydrogen Interaction with MgO(001) Surface"           of Romanian Academy

6. Experience and Ability:

General solid state physics and chemistry background

Classical and Quantum mechanics of atomic scattering theory

Computational modeling in the area of solid state chemistry, in special in surface science and on problems related to catalysis

Study of the Formation and Growth of Atomic Clusters

Atomic Scale Simulation:

-First Principles (DFT & HFT), Semiempirical (Tight-Binding, CNDO, INDO, MNDO ...)

- Methods and Molecular Mechanics; applications of combined quantum mechanical and molecular mechanical (QM/MM) methods
-Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations
-Vizualisation and Building of Large Molecular Structure
 -Modeling of the Periodic Structures pure and with Defects in bulk and on the surface. CLUSTER and SLAB methods with different embedding technics (CRYSTAL 95 EMBED 96)
 - Quantitative Structure Properties Relationships (QSPR). Good computer skills (DOS, WINDOWS and Unix/Linux)

Programming and developing of the computer chemistry software in FORTRAN, C, Pascal. In UNIX the shells: bash, cs, csh, ksh and (g)awk interpretor.
Knowledge of mathematical programs (Origin, Derive, Matlab, EasyPlot ...) and SQL/relational database (Excell, FoxPro)
Good knowledge of the FTP, TELNET, ARCHIE, SSH and other INTERNET applications. HTML page design.

The elaboration and industrial controls of the Ferrites

7. Present Position:
    Working as a junior researcher in Surface Chemistry & Catalysis Laboratory,
    Institute of Physical Chemistry "I.G. Murgulescu", Romanian Academy.

8. Affiliated to the        Romanian Society of Catalysis,
                                   Bulgarian Club of Catalysis.