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Manuals and Tutorials

A Scalable Substructuring Method by Lagrange Multipliers for Plate Bending Problems
Advanced Scientific Computing, B673
An Introduction to Surface Chemistry
Atomic valences and bond orders for crystals in HF SCF theory
Atomistic Computer Simulation of Materials
Bang! Boing! Pop!
C3 Computational Physics 1999
chem647 '96 - Title
Chemistry 8021
CHEMystery An Interactive Guide to Chemistry
CMC Modelling Guide
Computation Physics - Carleton University - Course Outline
Cooper Union Classes and Course Work Home Page
Course Molecular Dynamics
Course Overview for Atomic Scale Simulation
cpSURF Home Page
Designing and Creating a World Wide Web Page
Diffusion in Polymers and Membranes
Documentation for local computer programs
Dynamic and Stochastic Protein Simulations BRFrom Peptides to Viruses
Dynamics Course Outline
Feynman's Talk
General Chemistry Concepts
General Chemistry Online Companion Notes The quantum theory
Introduction to Macromolecular Simulation
Introduction to Molecular Modeling
Introduction to Tilings (Science U)
Introductory University Chemistry II Course Outline
Learning Center Introduction
Links Theory
MSI OnLibrary
Non-linear Optimisation Problems
On Convergence Acceleration for the Iterative Solution of the Inverse Dyson Equation
Overview Solvate Software
Periodic Table
PHYSICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, articles and more information from Encarta Online
Physics 1 - Mechanics Course Outline
Pushing Particles
SHAKE, rattle, and roll Efficient constraint algorithms for linked rigid bodies - Volume 19, Number 1, Page 102 - 15 January 1
Syllabus - Level IV Fitting Models to Data
Syllabus Courses - Very interesting Pages
Undergraduate Theoretical Physics Courses
WLJ Group Software Manuals

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