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Articles and Tutorials

Chemistry Tutorial
Education Chemistry
Houghton Mifflin Chemistry Resource Center Index
How can I become a teacher
One Page Guides - How to write-speak
Ronald Swerdfeger - Home Page
Virtual Library Linguistics
Water Science for Schools USGS water information
Web Physics
WebCT Homepage
World Language Resources - Hundreds of Languages, Thousands of Products
WWW Teaching Examples

Dictionary and Glosarry

51-XX Geometry
A Web of On-line Dictionaries Dictionar E-R, R-E Dictionar R-E, E-R
Bang! Boing! Pop! Glossary
Basic Molecular Modelling - Glossary
Basic Phrases for Eastern European Languages
CAS General Subject Vocabulary Alphabetical Listing E
Catalog of Simulation Programs
ChemDex Org
Chemical Molecule Library - Glossary
ChemTeam Classic Papers Menu
Classic Papers (alphabetical)
Computation Physics - Carleton University - Index
Computational Chemistry Terms
Computational Physics Dictionary
Dic Expert - E-R, R-E Cautare
Dictioanry of Science
Dictionar englez-roman
Dictionar E-R R-E 
Dictionar Roman Englez Roman
Dictionar roman-englez
Dictionary for English and Romanian - Dictionar pentru Romana si Engleza
Empirical & semi-empirical MO theory - Glossary
Encarta Encyclopedia
Encarta World English Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Thermodynamics
English Romanian Dictionary Online - Dictionar Englez Roman
English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs (2nd edition)
English-Romanian Dictionary of Proverbs
Eric Weisstein's Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics C
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics
Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry
Eric's Treasure Troves of Science
Ethnologue Preface to the Electronic Version
Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
German - English On-line Dictionary
German-English Dictionary
Houghton Mifflin Chemistry Resource Center Internet Terms for Chemical Educators
Hyper-glossary of terminology
Indiana University Bloomington Libraries Chemistry Library
Learn Romanian
Learning Center Introduction
LEO English-German Dictionary
List of Dictionaries
Mathematical Review 1991 Subject Classification
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games - Word for the Wise
Molecular Modeling Reference
Multilingual Books Language and ESL Index - Best Source for Language and ESL
PC Webopaedia - UNIX category page
Pedro's Dictionaries
Polymer and Coating Science Course
Summer Institute of Linguistics
The Alternative Dictionaries
The Alternative Romanian Dictionary
travlang's Translating Dictionaries
UC Davis Math Profile glossary
Unix System - Glossary
World Language Resources - Hundreds of Languages, Thousands of Products

Education, Computers, Software

ABC-Ware - Contents
CAEC Computer Aided Education Centre
CCC Company Info - K-12 educational software and technology and services and teacher resources from CCC
Chemistry education software
CompuCat educational software programs
Computational Science Education Project
Computer Learning Centers
Computers and Education in Action
Computers in Teaching Chemistry
Educational Soft
Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) Links to Members
English Plus+--English Grammar, Spelling, SAT, ACT, GRE, & More
Galaxy Children
Instructional Software for Chemistry
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Network - Education (Text Only) - Educational Books, Software & Games!
Software Didáctico
The Educational Software Cooperative (ESC)
The EdWeb Home Room
The EdWeb K-12 Resource Guide
The Simtel.Net Windows 95-98 Collection, simtelnet-win95-edu-
The Simtel.Net Windows 95-98 Collection, simtelnet-win95-music-
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games community at


Well-Connected In-Depth Health Information

Institutes and Organizations

@t home, la classe de sciences - Education
Annenberg-CPB - Teaching in American Schools
Bergen ETTC Home Page
CAEC Computer Aided Education Centre
Centre for Continuing Education
Chemistry Teaching Resources on the Internet
Computational Science Education Project Homepage
Contemporary China Centre (RSPAS)
Distance Education at the University of Louisville
Distance Learning Graduate School Programs
Global English
Graduate School Program
Graduate School Program
Learn English Online at GlobalEnglish, English as a Second Language
Long Distance Education - Romania
Math Forum Ask Dr. Math - Middle School Level
MIT System Dynamics in Education Project (SDEP)
National Institutes of Health - Office of Science Education
Parenting advice, child development and family reference at
Paul's Chemistry Lab
soros foundations network
Study Abroad Directory
Study and Teach English abroad with ITC - International TEFL Certificate
Studying Abroad TEFL Certificate Programs
Teachers for Tomorrow
Teaching Science on the WWW
The European Chemist Designation EurChem - ECRB
The Math Forum Home Page
The New York Times Learning Network
WebCT Course Listing
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