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Chemistry & Physics Links

Data Base

1000 Most Cited Chemists 1981-1997
1120 Most Cited Physicists 1981-1997
1996 PACS - Hierarchical List
1999 PACS
A Database for Atoms, Molecules, Gases and Plasmas
American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database
Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
Atomic Masses
Brillouin's zones
Brookhaven Protein Data Bank
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) - Library
CAS, Chemical Abstracts Service Home Page
CCL Home Page
Character tables for chemically important point groups
ChemFinder.Com Search Form
Chemical Databases
Chemical Physics Preprint Database
Chemist's Art Gallery
CHIME Molecular Image Gallery
Citations ISI - Chemists and Physicists - HPTC Infocenter - Parallel Applications - Benchmarks
Computational Complexity [ResearchIndex; NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
Conversion Factors, Material Properties and Constants
CSAR Site Map
Databases - NIH CCM
DBcat - The Biocatalog
Debye Temperature Calculations
Electronic Structures Database
EMSL Computational Results DataBase
Eric Weisstein's Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics C
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST
Genamics SoftwareSeek - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Software and Online Tools Database
Hydrogen Compounds- Compounds of Hydrogen
IUPAC Database of Organic Chemical Nomenclature
KryssTal The Elements
Login to Quantum Chemistry Literature DataBase
Mailbase - Mailing List Service
Mineralogy Database
Molecular Modeling Reference
Molecule Index
Movies and Animation in Chemistry
NetElements II
NPL Materials Thermochemistry
Oxford Research Online the Sciences and Medicine
Periodic Table - WebElements magnesium key data
Periodic Table Java Version
Periodic Table of Computational Chemistry
Periodic Table
Physical Constant
Pure Solids
Quantum Computing [ResearchIndex; NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
Recommended texts
Recommended values of physical constants
SCI.SPACE FAQ No. 04 - space-math
SIS, NLM Chemical Structure Searching Server
The Cambridge Cluster Database
The Constants and Equations -
The Journal of Chemical Physics
thermodynamics of deep geophysical media
Tight-Binding parameters periodic table
Top Cited High-Energy Physics Articles
Visual Elements
VSEPR Table (Molecule Rotations)
WebElements periodic table of the elements - the periodic table on the World-Wide Web
Welcome to the OVPIT AFS Cell
WM's Chemical, Physical, & other Technical Sciences
WWW chemical structures database
Your base for everything Chemistry!


Computational Chemistry List Home
Physical Chemistry Facts

General Links

A lot of links
A Variety of Chemistry-Related Links
Academic Resources Channel - Web Sites by RealSci Categories and RSCI Numbers
ACCVIP the Computational Chemistry via the Internet Project
Advanced Technology Center for Molecular Research Resources
Australian Chemistry Network
Biochemistry I WWW Sites
Bookmarks for Anthony Dyson
Bookmarks for Ernest Chamot
Brock U. Physics - links to Physics sites
Brock U. Physics - selected Internet tools
CAUT Computational Chemistry Modules Index
Cecam Interesting links
chembytes infozone homepage
ChemCenter - Chemistry, education, job and meeting information resource
ChemCenter The American Chemical Society Online
Chemistry - Links for Chemists - Titlebar
Chemistry - Links for Chemists - Topics - Electrochemistry
Chemistry - Links for Chemists
Chemistry Best of the Web 1996
Chemistry index
Chemistry Links -
Chemistry Links - UK
Chemistry Links (2)
Chemistry Links
Chemistry on the Internet The best of the Web 1995
Chemistry Related Links
Chemistry related WWW information servers
Chemistry Resources
Chemistry Web Home Page
Chemistry WWW Links for Chemists at Liverpool University
Chemistry WWW Servers
Chemist's Art Gallery
ChemoInformatics Consulting. We Sell Solutions.
ChemoInformatics Consulting
Collection of Links to Modeling and-or Simulation Pages-Resources
Commercial Chemistry WWW Sites
Computational Chemistry at Darmstadt
Computational Chemistry Carl Mark Windsor
Computational Chemistry List Home
Computational Chemistry Resources on the WWW
Computational Science Resources Chemistry Resources
Computational, Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry Resources
Computer Physics Communications Program Library
Computer Science, Rutgers University
Computing Links - Ohio Univ.
CS ChemFinder
Dalhousie University - Chemistry
Die Homepage für Chemiker
Education Chemistry
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics
External Links Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Group
Finding Information Chemistry
Francis Muguet's Bookmarks
Galaxy's Chemistry Links
Gateway to Physical Chemistry
Institut für Theoretische Teilchenphysik - Links
Internet Chemistry Resources
Internet Chemistry Sites WWW (World Wide Web), America
JBaird's Local Home Page
KryssTal Chemistry Links
Links for Mineralogists
Links in Italy
Links of interest for research on theoretical physics
Links to chemistry and physics sites of interest
Links to other pages.
lists of (theoretical) chemistry links
MDL Information Systems - Support - Technical Solutions
Mineral Links
Modélisation Moléculaire
NetSci The NetSci Science Center
Network Cond.Matt. resource
NIH - Center for Molecular Modeling
OSU Physics Links to Other WWW Pages
Other sites of general interest....
Other WWW pages
Oxford Research Online Index
Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet
Peter Haynes Links Page
Phil Lindan Computer simulation and general science links
Physics Resources - Iasi
PhysNet - Worldwide Physics Network - Registration-Form
Pointers to Useful Web Sites
PY105 - Elementary Physics
RNA Chemistry Resources
Rolf Claessen's Chemistry list
Science - - Popular Web site community with free chat, mp3 sites, and more! - WebSideStory
Science Links - Ohio Univ.
Science on the Web
Scientific Links
Services - Available Services on Physics and other Fields
Soaring Bear's Links
Some Cool Links
Suggested chemistry sites
Super Chemistry and Biology Links
The Australian Chemistry Network list of Chemistry Resources on the Web
The European Chemistry Departments and Institutes
The Sites related to Chemistry
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Chemistry
Tips & Tools for Nonlinear Dynamics (Abkürzungen, Abbreviations)
Useful Physics Links
Virtual Library Physics
Visualizations in Materials Science
Water Science Network - Computational Methods
Welcome to Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Welcome to the ARL MSRC
WM's Chemical, Physical, & other Technical Sciences
WWW Chemicals
Yahoo Chemistry Directory
Yahoo Physics Directory
Yahoo! Chemistry links
Yahoo! ScienceChemistryComputational Chemistry
Yet An other Resource List (YARL)-Leif Laaksonen

Links, links

Biophysics related links..
Chemistry - Links for Chemists
Chemistry - Links for Chemists
Chemistry Links for Chemists Reference Surface Science
Chemistry on the Web
Chemistry Resource Locator Homepage
ChemLinks Chemistry Links and Chemical Resources
Computational Chemistry List Home
Dept of Chemical Engineering and Dept of Chemistry
European Physical Society (EPS) Directory Summaries of the Divisions
Links for Chemists - International University Chemistry Departments
Links Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at Manchester University
Links to Related Sites
Molecular Surfaces
Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet
Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
Science on the Web
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Chemistry - Academic
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Chemistry
Theoretical Chemistry Lab. I
Yahoo! ScienceChemistryComputational Chemistry

Institutes, Universities and Organizations

American Physical Society
Analytical Chemistry - Instrumentation Companies and Other Commercial Sources on the Web
ANU Centre for Theoretical Physics Web Page
APS Membership - Join APS
CCL.NET Home Page
CECAM - Le Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire
Chamot Labs Chemical Research & Consulting
Chemical Computing Group Inc.
ChemoInformatics Consulting, SRL - About our Company
chemsoc home page
ChIN's Home Page
CMBI - Home Page Top
Computational Physics - Carleton University
Computational Physics Resource on the Internet
Computer Chemistry Center
CSIR - Chemistry Software and Information Resources
Department of Chemistry, Imperial College.
Department of Geology Home Page, University of Newcastle, Australia
Department of Physical and Environmental Chemistry
Dipartimento di Chimica IFM
Distributed Center for Advanced Electronics Simulation
EMSL William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
ETH Zurich Homepage
FECS Homepage
FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics [ AMOLF ] Homepage
Foundations of Computational Chemistry Overview
Home Page - Lehrstuhl Biopolymere - Universität Bayreuth
Hong Kong Univ. - Physics Homepage
Institut für Theoretische Chemie
Institut Laue Langevin (Neutrons for Science)
Institute for Scientific Information
Institute of Chemistry - Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Institute of Physics - Lithuania
Institutul National de Fizica Materialelor - Bucuresti
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Logotop.gif (9861 bytes)
Mathematical Challenges from Theoretical-Computational Chemistry
Molecular Modeling
Molecular Science - CSIRO
National Center For Theoretical Sciences Taiwan
Phyics Department Course Descriptions
Physical Sciences Lists
Physical Sciences
Physics Facaulty, Bucharest, Romania
Physics Links
Physics-Applied Physics at Michigan Tech
PhysNet - Physics Departments and Documents Worldwide
QMW Chemistry - Research Areas
Quantum Theory Project
Science - IBM Researc
The University of Newcastle - Physics
The Wilson-Squier Group Web Site
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Group at Sapporo University
Theoretical Chemistry Lab - SNU Korea
Universita Milano, Dip. Fisica, INFN, INFM
Welcome to ITP
Welcome to Springer
Welcome to the ARL MSRC
Welcome to the JPS The Physical Society of Japan


1999 PACS
A Taylor & Francis Journal Molecular Physics
Academic Press Online Journal Library
Advances in Quantum Chemistry
AIP Physics News Preview Home Page
American Chemical Society Publications Essential Resources for the Chemical Sciences
American Chemical Society Publications The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Home Page
American Mineralogist - A Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials
Applied Physics Letters
APS - journals
APS Editorial Offices
APS Research Journals e-Print archive
A-Z list of electronic journals (Cambridge University Library)
Books and Journals held by Europe libraries
CAS, Chemical Abstracts Service Home Page
Chemistry Journals hosted in the ChemWeb Library
Chemistry Journals
Citations ISI - Chemists and Physicists
Citations ISI
Clays and Clay Minerals - The Journal
Computational Chemistry Journals
Computational Materials Science - frontpage
Computational Materials Science
Computer Physics Communications
Computer Science Directory [ResearchIndex; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles; NEC Research Institute]
Dalhousie University - Chemistry
Education Gazette Science Corner
E-Journal Subject Search Results
Electric Library Personal Edition
Electronic journals
Elsevier Science Your gateway to science
Elsevier Science Alerting Services - Contents Direct
European Journal of Mineralogy
Experiment in Geosciences Magazine (IEM RAS)
Facteurs d'impact
Faraday, Perkin and other Journals ( C L I C )
Free Journals on PhysNet
Geological Materials Research, an electronic journal of the Mineralogical Society of America
IC Libraries Electronic Information Services
IEM Virtual Library (Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry)
Impact factors of scientific journals
Imperial College Libraries Electronic Journals Journals
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Internet Journal of Chemistry
J. Phys. Chem.
JCE Internet Articles
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
Journal of Computational Chemistry
Journal of Computational Physics
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Journal of Materials Chemistry
Journal of Molecular Modeling
Journal of Physical Chemistry
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Journal of Physics Cond. Mat.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Journal of the American Ceramics Society
Journal of the Chemical Computing Group
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (Special Issue)
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
Journal Title List
Journals - Casa ReLaQ
journals, preprint servers, and publishers
JRNL-JOM-9908 - JOM August 1999
List of Chemistry Journals (Cambridge University Chemistry Department)
Materials Research Society Website
Materials Science Resources
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Network - Journals (Text Only)
Molecular Simulation
Molecular Vision
Molecules, Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Nuclear Instruments And Methods In Physics Research Section B Beam, Vol 147, Issue 1-4, January 1, 1999
On-line Earth Science Journals (Original Site)
Online Journal Publishing Service
Online Journals etc.
Online Journals from the RSC
Online Journals
PCCP Editorial
PCCP Homepage
PHYS. Rev. A
Phys. Stat. Solidi
physica status solidi - Homepage
physica status solidi (a),(b) -- Defects
Physical Review B online
Physical Review B
Physical Review Letters online
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Physics Express Letters Main Menu
Physics of Solid state
Physics of the Solid State
PRB Home Page
PROLA Member Registration
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles; Computer Science]
Revista de Chimie (Bucharest)-TOC
Revue Roumaine de Chimie-TOC
RSC Journals - Current Titles
Science journals - Mike Towler Links
Science journals
ScienceServer - Journals List
Solid State Chemistry Group - Journals
Solid State Chemistry Pages - Journals
Solid State Communications
Solid State Ionics
Springer Chemistry
Springer LINK - List of Available Journals
Springer LINK Journal of Molecular Modeling
Springer LINK Physics and Chemistry of Minerals - Table of Contents Vol. 26 Issue 5
Springer LINK Theoretical Chemistry Accounts - Table of Contents Online First Publications
Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences
Surface Science
The C L I C Consortium Electronic Journal
The Journal of Chemical Physics
The Journal of Chemical Physics--December 15, 1998
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Home Page
The new improved Trac Home Page
Tisch Library Physics - Periodicals and Electronic Journals
Visualisation in Chemistry (this page requires Chime)
Welcome to EDP Sciences
Welcome to Springer
Welcome to Virtual Library
Wiley Chemistry
Wiley InterScience Home Page
WILEY-VCH Berlin -- Journals
World Sci. for Physics (Publisher) from The Institute of Physics


1998 Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS)
abstract physics-9810032's Biggest Selection
APS E-PRINT WORKSHOP e-Print archive
Atomic and Molecular Clusters - Publications
Available volumes for The Journal of Chemical Physics
BABBAGE SISSA (print archive)
CASTEP Publications Surfaces
CASTEP Publications
Chemical Physics authors-titles recent (
Chemical Physics Preprint Database
Chemistry Textbooks in Print Archive
ChemWeb features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, chemical books, software an
Citations ISI - Chemists and Physicists
Complimentary Access to Collection of Sample Issues
Condensed Matter (
Condensed Matter
Create Adobe PDF Online
Download Client for Client Abstracts
eLib Electronic Libraries Programme
Elsevier Science - science
Elsevier Science Your gateway to science
E-Print Archive Help (submit_tex)
E-print archive
Features Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at Manchester University
IDEAL International Digital Electronic Access Library
IOP Publishing Electronic Journals
journal abstracts
Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of Computational Chemistry
List of Publications
Molecular Dynamics Publications
MSI Staff Papers
NetSci's Science Center Computational Chemistry
New Journal of Physics
Online Journal Publishing Service Home Page
Other Servers xxx-online e-print
Oxford University Press
Papers about the CAUT Computational Chemistry project
PCCP Homepage
Periodic Hartree-Fock Studies of Ice VIII
Physical Review Online Archive
Physics Links
Physics Newsletter - A World Scientific Publication
Physics Reports
Potential Energy Surfaces and Molecular Electronic Structure
Preprint Bulletin Boards
PrePRINT Network - Energy, Science, and Technology Preprint Information - US Department of Energy
Publications in the field of Molecular Dynamics
Publications of NCSA Condensed Matter Physics Group
References Search Engine and Lists
Springer LINK The European Physical Journal D - Abstract Volume 7 Issue 2 (1999) pp 219-227
Supercomputing Institute 1998 Research Reports
Supercomputing Institute Research Reports
TCM Group Publications
Teraflop Report
The Abdus Salam ICTP Library
The CCP1 Newletter
The Journal of Chemical Physics
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Home Page
Theory Group Publications 1992-6
UW Libraries - Chemistry
Volume-Issue List for Applied Surface Science
Volume-Issue List for Solid State Communications
Volume-Issue List for Surface Science
World Scientific - An International Publisher e-Print archive mirror e-Print archive mirror


ChemFinder Searching
Chemical Physics Preprint Database
ChemWeb features searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, chemical books, software and products, details of conferenc
ChemWeb Site Wide Search
Current Contents Connect Trial Registration Form Institute for Scientific Information ISI
Download Client for Client Abstracts
E-Journal Subject Search Results
Electric Library Personal Edition
Elsevier Science Browse
Elsevier Science Search
e-Print title-author-abstract search
Form xxx Physics e-print archive
Full search on archive IEM Virtual Library
IDEAL International Digital Electronic Access Library
Internet Search Tools and Guides
ISI Chemistry Server v2.0
NCSTRL Search Form
PROLA Search Form
References Search Engine and Lists
Search Adobe PDF Online
Search and Re-Search
Search Physics archives
SPIRES HEP Database - Searching
Subject-based listing of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Chemistry
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Search Ceramics
TurboGuide Software Search
Virtual Library Science e-Print archive mirror

Software - General

[fm] welcome to
[Scientific Applications on Linux]
3.4 Software d'aplicacions
ABCC - Application Software
ACD-Free Stuff
ACE-gr Home
Ames Lab Classical Molecular Dynamics Source Code
AMSOL Homepage
Anwendersoftware an den zentralen Systemen
Applications on PARAM
ArgusLab Website
Atomic and Molecular Clusters - Software
Australian Chemistry Network Unix Software Resources
Babel Download Page
bind 3.x distributions
Categories of software
CCL Software
CCM Software Catalog
CCWP - join the Working Party
CD Chemistry Software Collection of QUANTUM Studio, DIT, OGMI, Odessa, Ukraine
Chem2Pac homepage
ChemApp - General and Programming Information
Chemdex - Software
Chemical Software
Chemistry - Links for Chemists - Reference - Molecular Modelling
Chemistry Applications Supported at NCHC
Chemistry Packages List
Chemistry Software
Chemists With Computers
ChemoInformatics Consulting. We Sell Solutions.
CMBI - MOLDEN Registration
Comp Chem Software
CompuChem Software Chemie - Computational Chemistry - Molecular Design - Lehrsoftware
Computation Software Information
Computational Chemistry at the ARC
Computational Chemistry Software
Computer Physics Communications Program Library Index
Computer Physics Communications Program Library
Computer Programs for Data Processing
Computers software
Computing Links (Ohio Univ.)
CPC Program Library Overview
CRYSTAL - Electronic Structure of Periodic Systems
CRYSTAL - The Electronic Structure of Periodic Systems
CSAR Administration - Application Classes For a Running Account
CSAR Applying for Resources
CSAR Computational Chemistry software
CSIR - Chemistry Software and Information Resources
CSIR Chemistry Software Exchange
CSSJ Software World-E
Dalhousie University - Chemistry
David Deaven's software distribution
DePhiLambda home page
Description of the MOLDRAW program
Discovery Software Products
DisMol, a freeware molecule display applet
DoD HPC Scalable Software Initiative
Downloadable Software from the Geometry Center
ESM Software Software for Materials Science
External Programs and Databases
File Formats & Support
Francis Muguet's Bookmarks
Free Molecular Visualization Software
FreeHEP - Access to Software useful in High Energy Physics
Gaussian Basis Set Order Form
GC3 Software archive archived by type of software
GJ's software - Homepage
Graphics Interface for OpenMol (gOpenMol)
Graphics Programs
Helper Programs
How to get a copy of Molden
HyperSpin homepage
Index of -computerrel-Software-
ISGS Software
ITAP Molecular Dynamics - Interfaces (IMD-IF)
JEEPa general ab-initio electronic structure program for solids
Lester Ingber's Code and Reprint Archive (ASA-CODE)
Lester Ingber's Code and Reprint Archive
Links2go - Molecular Linux
Links2Go- Surf the Web Sideways
Linux and Chemistry
LiveGraphics3D Homepage
Lucretius is a molecular dynamics simulation program
manual Molden
Mapple Kitt
Mathcad and StudyWorks Files on the Web
MDL Information Systems - Downloads
MDL Information Systems - Products - Chime Pro and Chemscape
MDynamix a Molecular Dynamics Program
MIME types for Chemistry
Mineralogical Society of America - Software
MOBY 1.5, English
Modeling Codes on the Internet
Mol2Mol - Molecule File Converter
MOLDA HOME PAGE - The World of Molecular Arts, Science and Technology
MOLDEN a visualization program of molecular and electronic structure
Molecular Dynamics
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Network - Modelling End User Software
Molecular Modeling Software at CENAPAD-MG-CO
Molecular Modelling Software
Molecular Specification Software
Molecular Visualization Resources
MOLPRO quantum chemistry Package
MoluCAD Molecular modeling and visualization software
MSDS software, quality control, chemical inventory, Chemdraw... and more!
National High Performance Computing Applying for Resources
NetSci Chemistry Display Software
NetSci MM-MD Software Listing
NetSci Software Lists
Network Computing Services, Inc. XMol User Guide
NHSE National HPCC Software Exchange
NRL Code 6390 Home Page
nt Freeware english
NWChem Home Page
OM Software UniChem
Oxford Molecular Software List
Per Stoltze
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site
Proggy I.N.C.
Q main page
QCPE Information
QMW Chemistry - Teaching Software (Index)
QTRFIT -- Rigid Molecule Superposition
Quantum Chemistry & Molecular Dynamics
QuickTime Download
RasMol Home Page
RasMol Manual Table of Contents
Recommended software for chemists
Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
SAL- Other Scientific Fields - Chemistry, Biology & Related
Schrödinger, Inc MacroModel Capabilities
Science Software ftp site
SDSC Software and Data Center
Search software in the database
SGI - 3rd Party Products Directory
Simulation Software
Simulations programs in ILL
SINCRIS software Babel
SMOG -- Possible Isomers
SoftSearch Online
Software - Casa ReLaQ
Software am Lehrstuhl für Biopolymere
Software and Computers
Software Archives and Unzipping
Software Available on PSC Systems
Software Chemistry
Software Developments
Software Directory - Mathub
Software Editores de Moléculas
Software for Chemistry - Download Evaluation Copies - Software Chemie - Demoversionen
Software in the Md Group
software libraries, program packages, etc.
Software Link from MathMol
Software Mecánica Cuántica
Software Reviews
Standardization of computational chemistry software.
StatCodes - On-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields
Supercomputing Institute Scientific Development & Visualization Lab
Survey - math. appl. software available on supported platforms at Forschungszentrum Jülich
The Babel Home Page
The GROMOS home page
The Internet as a Computational Chemistry Tool
The PSI88 Molecular Orbital Plotting Package
The SAMSAM Tutorial Pages
The Tested Software Repository
Theoretical Chemistry links
Theoretical software Page
Third party graphics codes
tom's Free Chemistry Software Reference - Z
TurboGuide Software Search
UK Computational Chemistry Working Party
Use VisAtoms 2
VASP Program
VCHEMLAB - Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
WebMolDraw 1.0
Welcome to MathSoft, Inc.
What is JEEP
WWW Teaching Examples
XMakemol Homepage
Xmgr Introduction
X-PLOR On-line Manual
Yet An other Resource List (YARL)-Leif Laaksonen


1998 Annual Report NERSC
About the Mineral Gallery
An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling
Andy Witkin's Gallery
Avon Chemistry Home Page
Baraff Technical Reports and Reprints
Biochemistry I Home Page
Biochemistry I WWW Sites
Chem 124 Syllabus
chembytes infozone - publications, Chemical Applications of Molecular Modelling
Chemical Education - Theoretical Chemistry
Chemical Physics Preprint Database
Chemistry at the World Lecture Hall
Chemistry Tutorial - MapleV in Chemistry
CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS for Undergraduates ROUGH DRAFT - not complete !
Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed.
Computational Physics -- 3rd-4th Year Option
Computer simulation in Chemical Engineering
Contents-Energy Research Computational Community
Course list for B.Sc. in physics
CS501 Introduction to Computational Science
CSAR Software
CWRU Chemistry Course Resources
David Young's selected Topics in Computational Chemistry
Education Chemistry
Equazione di Schrödinger
Eric's Treasure Troves of Science
Foundations of Computational Chemistry Overview
FreeHEP Tutorials
General Chemistry
General Physics for Bio-Science Majors 171.103
GMIN User Guide
Graduate Courses and Web-based Talks
Guide to Physics 2000 Web Site
HyperPhysics Concepts
Information on MechLab
Introductory Physics Notes
John Templeton Foundation
Links to various documentation web pages
Maple V Application Center
MapleV in chemistry - Courses
MapleV-Assisted Physical Chemistry
Mathematical Challenges from Theoretical-Computational Chemistry
Module 2 - Basic Molecular Modelling
MOLCAS - MOVIE tutorial
MOLDEN a visualization program of molecular and electronic structure
MSI OnLibrary
Phyics Department Course Descriptions
Physical Chemistry II Lab Molecular Visualization
Physics 1 - Mechanics Course Outline
Physics 112 Homepage
Physics at the World Lecture Hall
POINT GROUP tutorial in assignment of point groups to molecules
Posters - Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at Manchester Univ
Principles and Applications of Stereochemistry by Michael North Front Cover
QTRFIT - Tutorial
QUANTUM PHYSICS I rough draft - not complete !
QUANTUM PHYSICS II rough draft - not complete !
Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Solving Molecular Problems on Scales from Electrons to Macromolecules
Strategian Strategic Guide to Quality Information in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and
Suggested chemistry sites
Teaching Science on the WWW
Theoretical Chemistry links
Tutoriales y Referencias
Web Physics
Wilson·Squier Education
Xmgr Introduction

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